Tales from the Crypt(o)

Matt Summers, Vice President Engagement Management & R&D Security Testing at Aon’s Cyber Solutions

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If cryptography is a solved problem then why is it so hard and why do we still get it wrong? “Never roll your own crypto” but cryptographic libraries are a myriad of functions so how does a developer know what is good or not and how should you develop and test your code? Let’s a take journey through the world of cryptography and look at some of the mistake that developers have made, the pitfalls and how you should approach implementing cryptography in your applications and systems.

Matt is an accomplished security consultant with over twenty years of experience. Formerly, Matt served as an Army Captain within the British Army’s Information Assurance unit as well as HMG Science Advisor specialising in research and development of secure hardware and software solutions. Matt set-up and operated the security testing function for a government department, and is now responsible for overseeing the delivery of security testing projects including red team engagements with global clients for Aon and leading the research development capability for the EMEA region. A co-founder of the BSides London security conference, co-founder and director of the BSides Manchester security conference, co-founder of the DefCon Aerospace Village and member of the executive committee for CREST and chairman for incident response Matt has a passion for knowledge sharing and community engagement.

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Olivia Gambelin, Joseph Crispell

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Andrew Williams

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Matt Summers

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Closing Keynote

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President – AI & ISV Engagement at Microsoft Corporation 


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