Building Serverless Web Applications

Julian Wood, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

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Julian demonstrates how to build and deploy a completely serverless web application from scratch. The application includes a mobile friendly front end to complex business logic on the backend. Without provisioning or configuring a single server, you can build an application that can scale to meet customer traffic and cost almost nothing when not in use.

Julian Wood is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. He works with the serverless product teams to helps developers and builders learn about how serverless technologies can transform the way they build and run applications. Julian was an infrastructure architect and manager in global enterprises and start-ups for more than 25 years before going all in on serverless at AWS.

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Closing Keynote

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President – AI & ISV Engagement at Microsoft Corporation 


Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards

The YSE Awards recognise the best undergraduate software projects, drawn from across all students studying computing science and software engineering in Scotland.

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