Brian Baglow, Founder and Director, Scottish Games Network

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Scotland’s videogames industry has done many fine things. From Lemmings to Grand Theft Auto, we’ve been pioneers in the global games market. But in 2020 there’s far more to gaming than explosions, space marines, vehicle theft and crushing candies. Business models, tools, technologies and techniques from the games world are making their way into the wider tech ecosystem, because in our increasingly interactive world, engagement is everything. Find out how applied gaming and gamification can help your business, your software and your audience love you more. Trust us, it’ll be (fun).

Brian is a designer, consultant, business leader, journalist, serial entrepreneur and university lecturer. He started his career in the games industry at the legendary Scottish studio DMA Design, as a writer and narrative designer for games including Grand Theft Auto, Body Harvest and Tanktics, before discovering a talent for PR, communications and marketing.

Brian joined Rockstar Games in New York as it’s first ever Global PR Manager, before moving into the emerging mobile games industry with the pioneering Scottish publisher Digital Bridges (eight years before the iPhone was launched…) Brian went on to found the communications agency Indoctrimat, which worked with over 150 clients in the video games, mobile, digital technology, creative industries, education and public sectors.

Since 2009 Brian has lectured at Edinburgh Napier University, helping students from the School of Creative Industries understand the impact that the rapid evolution of interactive media and digital technology is having on their practice and opportunities for the future.

Brian is the founder and director the Scottish Games Network in 2004 and has established himself as an expert in the use of applied game technologies and techniques in the wider tech and creative industries. He’s a regular contributor to the Scottish media, tech ecosystem and government, whenever they need to know more about this ‘games thing’.

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Session 4

Ten Traits that Differentiate the most Trusted Advisors

Getting value from data – productionising data science

Innovating with Immigration.


Austen Mulinder

Dr James McMinn

Jamie Kerr



Olivia Gambelin, Joseph Crispell

Kathryn Strachan

Peter Proud

Brian Baglow

Paul Neeson and Andrew Noble


Session 6

A Fyne future for graphical development

Launching terrestrial tech into the space marketplace

Tales from the Crypt(o)

Serverless Architecture


Andrew Williams

Dr David Alexander

Matt Summers

Julian Wood



Closing Keynote

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President – AI & ISV Engagement at Microsoft Corporation 


Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards

The YSE Awards recognise the best undergraduate software projects, drawn from across all students studying computing science and software engineering in Scotland.

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