Ali Law: Pace and innovation, the key role of IT in a digital world

Ali Law
Founder, AL Innovate
Associate Partner, Hanya Partners

Organisational agility begins with people.  Mindset and trust are at the heart of that agility, underpinned by engineering discipline.

I am an experienced business executive with a passion for generating an innovative and commercial culture in the operations I lead.  This involves a focus on value, improving constantly in all aspects of the operating model (whether from innovating or the removal of waste) and working to create ambition in the people who make it really successful.  This is based on a strong belief in outcomes that deliver benefit and value, not just activity and technology.

This experience has included senior operational roles and consultancy.  I have held full P&L responsibility (Managing Director of Vision in the UK), worked in a variety of industries (Financial Services, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing) and undertaking assignments as diverse as turn arounds to start up retail banks (delivering market leading digital capabilities).